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Full name of organisation The German Chamber of Commerce for Kantox
Position(s) description, department

Business Developer for the DACH Market, (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), thesis intern in finance.  

You will become an expert in FX operations and markets. You will learn how to maintain high-level relationships as well as use networking in order to create new business. Due to transparency being highly valued at Kantox, you will also get to know other departments to ensure compliance and operational procedures run smoothly. During your internship you will have the possibility to write your thesis about a practical topic and gain valuable experience. Additionally, successful interns will be considered for extended positions. You will be entering into the world of our clients, creating synergies and boosting their trade strategy. By

doing this, you will help corporations and mid-sized companies achieve massive savings through our innovative Fin-Tech solutions and products.

Duration 6 months, beginning in March 2016
Language(s) of internship German native, English fluent
Other skills required

The ideal candidate will:

Be in their final year of study
Possess excellent communication skills whether by email, telephone or face to face
Have high energy levels, the motivation to succeed and be a fast-learner
Be open to further opportunities at the conclusion of the internship

Field of Education

Studies focused in Finance, ideally in the FX field

Contact for application

Please apply through our job portal providing your Resume and Cover letter in both

German and English

General information about organisation

Kantox is a pioneering firm in the FX industry that has developed an innovative online platform, which its clients use to convert foreign currencies and make international payments in a more efficient way. This all comes at a cheaper price than the banks. Kantox users can execute spot and forward transactions in 35+ currencies. To date, their 1,700+ clients have exchanged $2Billion using the platform and have saved an average of 1.3% on each transaction.

Website, Address

Barcelona, Spain

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